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Brain and spinal cord injury


At Aspire Rehabilitation, our team of experts have decades of experience treating survivors of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

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Led by Dr. Randal Bruce, Ph.D., ABPP, a Board Certified Rehabilitation Psychologist, we provide a full range of rehabilitation services, to help clients reach the peak of their potential.

Semi-Independent Apartments

We provide clients with beautiful and comfortable fully furnished apartments, close to family, friends, school and work. Supporting clients to stay involved in their community is an often overlooked component to the full rehabilitation process. At Aspire, it’s a priority!

Staff Training - Education - Consultation

Our team of rehabilitation and behavioral experts are available to provide training and consultation to your staff and program. Let us address your behavioral and training needs. We will design, develop, implement and monitor:

  • Comprehensive individualized training packages
  • Education programs for behavioral interventions and programs
  • On-site consultation, staff training, development and in-services

Individual and Family Therapy

We provide in-home, inpatient and outpatient services to best meet the needs of the client. It takes caring and professional therapists to help survivors and their families recover from trauma, and the dramatic life changes that can result. Our therapists are very experienced working with survivors of traumatic injuries. Their knowledge in developing a caring, positive working relationship is key to successful therapy.


Neuropsychological evaluations are critical in leading the rehabilitation process. Quality evaluations must not only be thorough, but have a fast turnaround time to be clinically useful. We strive to make sure that our evaluations are completed quickly, with a comprehensive report that will be the focal point of treatment planning. Review of the report with the client and treatment team is an important component in this process.

Structured Programming and Behavioral Services

We provide comprehensive behavioral interventions and programming to clients and families in their home, community, school and workplace. We can provide consultation and interventions to individuals of all ages and locations, outpatient and inpatient. Below are just a few of the services that we can provide to your clients and staff:

  • Improve Social Skills
  • Improve Activity of Daily Living Skills
  • Increase Independence
  • Behavior Evaluations and Functional


  • Develop, Implement and Monitor Individualized Behavior Programs
  • Provide Training on Programs to Staff
  • Attendance at Team Meetings

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